Early Childhood Special Education


We are thrilled to welcome you and your child to Pre-K at Jose Damian Elementary. There are some changes to our monolingual Pre-K classrooms for the 2019-2020 school year. We will be offering a Pre-K inclusion class that will fully include typically developing scholars as well as those scholars that receive special education services. In the classroom, there will be a Pre-K teacher, who has certification and experience in both general education and special education, and a teaching assistant. They will all be facilitating the learning by teaching and supporting all scholars. This inclusive setting will benefit all scholars in a variety of ways.

The lower teacher-to-student ratio will help teachers to provide intensive small group differentiated instruction that will address the needs of all scholars. Through differentiated instruction that addresses a variety of learning styles, all scholars will be more engaged in their academic work.

Behavioral supports in the classroom designed for scholars with special needs will benefit all scholars and will help maintain a positive learning environment for everyone.

Research about inclusive classroom shows that all scholars demonstrate higher academic growth than those scholars in separate classrooms.

All scholars develop stronger social and emotional skills when they participate in an inclusive classroom.

We are excited that you will be joining us in this new classroom. However, we understand that you may have questions or want more information on how your child will benefit from an inclusive classroom. If you would like to speak with us about this program, please contact us at 915-877-6801.


Jose H. Damian Pre-K/Early Childhood Special Education Team


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